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GodBar Software provides regular updates relalting to Drug and Medication information issued by MIMS & MBS which is important to any Clinical Practice. 

  • Access to the downloads will only be available to clients whose Support Agreement Service fees are up to date and current .

  • Any delay in payment of Support Agreement Service fees will result in access to downloads being temporarily suspended until 24 hours after the outstanding support service fee payment is received.

  • ACCESS to all updates is via the Secure Log In button below.


The Practice - Version 2.88

​Are you running the latest version of The Practice ?


GodBar Software listens to it's clients and regularly updates The Practice to include modifications that you have asked for.  These modification are not 'patches' added to the program but new code written and inbedded into the primary program to ensure its stabilitity and  streamline application of functions. 


GodBar Software is currently offering the Upgraded Version of The Practice to all clients under a current Support Service Agreement free of charge until 30 June 2014.


Check which version of The Practice you are currently using by following the simple steps outlined below.  If you are not running the latest version you are missing out on new functions which will improve your business.

MIMS / MBS Updates

Click on the link below to download th latest MIMS /MBS and The Practice update release.



Currently Available:

MIMS 2013 Dec Release

MBS 2013 Dec Release

The Practice - Version


What Version am I running?


When you initially log on to The Practice the Release Version Number is displayed as Release X.XXX.  If it is not displayed as Release 2.88 you are not running the latest version.


Alternately, if you are already logged on to The Practice, click on the HELP button on your task bar and Select the 'About' option.  This will display your registered details (the same as when you initially log in) with the Release version yu are currently running..

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