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Stock Control System

Every business needs to keep track of the items it sells.  The Stock Control System  effectively manages your stock to reduce the cost to your business while efficiently managing stock levels.


No more guess work - Know what and when to order!


For some time now surgeries have been requesting a stock control system which would enable the tracking of products supplied in addition to services provided to an ever increasingly health conscious public.


The Practice Stock Control Module enables record keeping of the amount and value of stock purchased into the surgery. 


Stock inventory and stocktake can be undertaken accurately and efficiently and required reports can be generated automatically.


Stock numbers can be allocated or automatically generated.  If a surgery has already listed a number of stock items prior to using this module, the items can be readily reallocated to the new stock listing.


Multiple units of the same item can be invoiced.


Items sold appear on a GST Stock invoice with the GST component readily identifiable and therefore included within the GST report required for the surgery's taxation purposes.


Stock invoices are separate to Service invoices and therefore Medicare problems are avoided.


Stock Module Reports include -

  • Stock Report

  • Stock Level Indicator Report

  • Stocktake Report

  • Stock Control History Report



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