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Front Desk Management
PCEHR Accredited
NEHTA Compliant

Whether you are using The Practice Clinical Patient Management module or another software package such as Medical Director or Best Practice, no successful clinical practice should be without Front Desk Management




  • Multiple Document Interface allows the user to access extra screens  without having to  finish/close what you are in the middle of doing.

  • Full patient demographics including interim comments, permanent notes, secondary addresses, next of kin and occupation

  • The Patient Database includes centralised management, patient and family replication and updating, account management, etc

  • Full document templating and mail merge with standard Australian and medical dictionaries

  • A complete 'enter once/do forever' Patient Recall system

  • User/Password level security

  • A wide range of Practice Management Reports

  • Full Referral support

  • Fully integrated help screens

  • Document Management

    • Scanning of documents to the patient record

    • Importing of documents to the patient report from any system on the network

  • Appointment Book

    • Appointment Planner

    • Appointment Waiting List

  • Waiting Room

  • SMS Functionality

    • One-Off SMS

    • Batch SMS

  • Internal Messaging

  • On-Line patient verification

  • Comprehensive Billing module - including Medicare, DVA, Workers Compensation, Private, Health Funds, Rebate Billing, Employer Billing etc.


A Professional Desk version for the practitioner allows live access to appointment book and waiting room and fast and totally accurate 'point and click' access to the right patient in the Clinical Module, Medical Director or Best Practice Software.


  • PCEHR Accredited

  • NEHTA compliant


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