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Finance & Billing Module
PCEHR Accredited
NEHTA Compliant
Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business. 
In today's fast paced environment, efficient management of all accounting tasks such as billing and claiming literally means the different between
'Boom' or 'Bust'.



  • Medicare Bulk Bill, patient claiming, gap claiming and DVA

  • Batch invoicing and payments

  • Template billing

  • MBS integration

  • Account Statements

  • Email as PDF

  • Custom invoice templates

  • Automatic Medicare Bulk Bill reconciliation


Extra Features:

  • Flexible Billing, including Medicare, Veterans Affairs, Workers Compensation, Private Health Funds, private patient, 3rd Party .

  • Standard, family and multi-day invoicing.

  • User defined invoice 'notes'.

  • Pending and On-hold invoicing.

  • A Quotation system.

  • Receipt management capabilities including payment method adjustment & date and time adjustment

  • HIC online, including electronic lodgement.

  • Fast or detailed receipting including  Electronic MedClaims Reconciliation and a high speed DVA  reconciliation system

  • Statements (with a user defined ageing period)

  • Account Adjustments and Audit Logs

  • Deposits and Refunds acquittal without the need for dummy invoices.

  • Auto discounting on Schedule T8 & T6 items etc.

  • Assist tracking for and liability/payments 

  • Auto fee calculation.


Fully GST capable:

  • Outputs GST BAS report data as you need to see it and allows for a detailed audit trail for your accountant.

  • GST reports to meet accountants audit requirements and practitioners enquiries.


  • PCEHR Accredited

  • NEHTA compliant

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