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 Price List  All prices are current as at 1 January 2014 and are exclusive of GST


​Prices are current as at 1 January 2014.​

The Practice


Base Package                         $2,650.00

(includes 1 Desk Licence)


Additional Desk Licences:

Professional Desk                       $650.00

Front Desk                                   $650.00


Other Sofware:

TRIAGE (ER Response)            $8,750.00


Clinical WH&S                             $550.00

 (Note: Scheduled for release in October 2014)

GodBar Software can taylor-make a package which suits your Clinic's particular needs thereby giving you flexibility and you only pay for what you want, not what other companies think you need.


Thinking about changing from the software you are currently using  over to The Practice ?


Talk to GodBar Software. 

Because The Practice has been developed in 'modules', and designed to be compatable to many other software programs currently on the market it can read existing data bases without the need of expensive  modification.  


This means that if you want to retain your Clinical software but change your Front Desk operations, or visa vera, The Practice could be your answer you are looking for.






 GodBar Software offers users of The Practice a Support Service Agreement.


An annual Support Service Agreement, paid quarterly or yearly, ensures that your software is supported at all times.


Godbar Software uses the 'Desk Model' to calculate support costs.  In this way you know exactly what your support costs will be when either setting up a new clinic or when planning for future expansion.


How it works:

Whether you are operating Professional Desk or Front Desk versions or combinations of both your support rates will be the same.


Up to 2 Desks (Flat Rate)          $130 p/m

Every additional Desk                 $20 p/m

51+ Desks................prices on application


For users of the Enterprise Version (for multiple site locations dialing in  to one primary server) ......Prices on application.


GodBar Software reserves the right to offer discounted rates to any existing client in appreciation of their loyalty.




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