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Clinical Patient Management​

PCEHR Accredited

NEHTA Compliant

Clinical Patient Management is an “EPISODE OF CARE” (EOC) Module tracking all activity for a patient in respect of health issues and diagnoses.


It provides for:

  • The entry of patient health issue names or diagnoses.

  • EOC specific

  • Case notes

  • Scripting based on the MIMs database

  • Pathology requests and  results

  • Imaging request and results

  • Obstetric recording of past pregnancies, new pregnancies, ante natal visits and obstetric outcomes

  • Assessments

    • Diabetes Assesment

    • Urine Analysis

    • Mini Mental State Exam

    • Geriatric Depression Scale

    • HONOS

    • Renal Function

    • Respiratory Function

    • Miocardial Infarction History

    • Care Plans

    • Care Plan task review

    • Health Assessment

    • Mental Health Care Plan

  • Dynamic building of consultation ‘progress’ activity during consultation, including the addition of data such as:

    • Current problems (linkable to an episode of care)

    • Patient past history

    • Allergies, coded and non-coded

    • Social factors

    • Family history

    • Vaccinations

    • Procedures

    • Recalls

    • Referrals and Diagnostic requests

    • Existing recall follow-up and consultation

    • Patient measurements for weight, height, renal, respiratory, diabetes, urine, temperature, pulse etc

    • Graphing of measurement results over time

  • Theatre Lists including Theatre Bookings


The Client Patient Management Module is PCEHR accredited.




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