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The total package for Medical and Allied Health Professionals


The Practice is registered with the NEHTA PIP eHealth Product Register under the following categories:


  • PCEHR Personally Controlled eHealth Record including Clinical Useability Program Release1

  • Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions

  • Healthcare Identifiers 

* NEW *   Secure Messaging

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The Practice was developed by GodBar Software in response to the need by medical practitioners for an efficient patient record management system.


Recognising that clinics were more than just 'doctors and patients', and that to be a successful clinical practice required efficient clinical management tools, developers included in the consultation process not just doctors but clinical managers, as these were the angels  behind the scenes that kept a practice on track.


The Practice evolved over the years to be more than just a records management system but a complete Clinical Practice operational management system encompassing patient records, clinical notes, on-line claiming, billing, stock control, reporting and legislative compliance.


Yes, there were and still are other software products on the market but The Practice is unique in that it can be taylored to meet your clinical needs for now and in the future.

  • Clinical Patient Management

  • Front Desk Management

  • Waiting Room & Appointment Book Management

  • Medicare & DVA On-Line Claiming Integration

  • Stock Control & Imprest System

  • ​MIMS Updates

  • MBA Updates

  • ​SMS Patient Appointment Reminders

  • Comprehensive ​Reporting Options

  • ​Electronic Prescriptions

  • Standard letter templates & mail merge

  • Argus compatible templates

  • Secure Messaging

  • e-PIP compliant

  • On-ine Support Desk

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